Welcome to Fonzworth Bentley!Fonzworth Bentley is the man. He can dance, rap, write books, and teach thugs how to run America.

He should be offering appearances, shows,  and events in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, and even in other popular Florida beach locations.

Fonzworth Bentley and Diddy

Fonzworth Bentley and Diddy

His real name is Derrick Watkins, but the world knows him as Fonzworth Bentley. He is truly a Renaissance man. He has been a musician and author. He got his start as Diddy’s body man. He was a glorified personal valet and assistant. He got his first break as the man in Making the Band 2, and is currently the host of MTV’s From G’s to Gents. His first single, “Everybody”, features Kanye West and Andre 3000.

I haven’t seen him wear a Bitchassness shirt yet, but he might be interested in one.

I am sure he is an avid reader and follower on Dope Game


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